Kitchen Appliance Installation in Kettering

Kitchen Renovations in Kettering

Most people think that installing a new kitchen appliance is easy, but it can be more difficult than you think. Whether it’s a fridge, microwave, dishwasher, microwave, or any other modern-day kitchen appliance, it’s becoming increasingly difficult to install these appliances. In the past, you could just buy an appliance and just plug it in the power outlet and start using it. However, installation of modern day gadgets can be quite a complex process that’s best left to professional installers. An improperly installed kitchen appliance can lead to its damage and even cause fires. Thus, hiring kitchen appliance installation professionals is highly recommended not only to save time, but also protect your appliances.

Refrigerator Installation

Many people find refrigerators to be quite easy to install. But there’re some guidelines you need to follow when installing your new fridge. To get the job done, you’ll need tools such as a wrench, plastic putty knife, and screwdriver. The next thing is to choose a safe location, which should be about 7 – 10 feet from a source of heat. If you are planning to install the fridge inside a kitchen cabinet, ensure you leave a space of at least one inch on the sides, back, and the top. This helps to facilitate air circulation and also protects the refrigerator from being damaged by excess heat. To make the process easier, just hire a professional installation company like us to take care of the job. We will get the job done in no time which saves your time and energy.

Cooktops Stove Installation

There are many risky steps involved in the installation of a cooktop stove. If you’re planning to upgrade your existing cooktop, then you may want to purchase a unit that will fit easily into the old counter. If you’re installing an electric or gas cooktop for the first time, it’s best to contact Kettering Kitchen Remodeling to help you out. Our experts have years of experience installing many different kitchen appliances.

Built-in Ovens Installation

Do you want to replace your old oven with a new built-in oven? It can seem like a straight forward installation, but to best protect yourself and your home you should call the oven installation specialist at Kettering Kitchen Remodeling to make the necessary alterations and install it for you. Our team has installed countless numbers of new ovens, so it is wise to trust in our expertises instead of taking the risk. We have what it takes to get your installation done the first time with long lasting results.

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